ArchiCAD 23 - Installation | Step-by-Step Guide

ArchiCAD 23 Installation Instructions

Begin Installation of ArchiCAD 23

Click on installer to start the installation Wizard.

Installation Wizard

Click Next to proceed.

License Agreement

Read the license agreement carefully.

Select I accept and click Next to proceed.

Program Folder Selection

Define a location on your computer’s hard drive for installing ArchiCAD 23.

Click Next to proceed.

Choose Setup Type

There are two types of installations available:

  • The Typical option installs all components of ArchiCAD 23. It is recommended to use this option when first installing ArchiCAD.
  • The Custom option installs only the selected parts of the full ArchiCAD package. Choose Custom only if you are experienced in installing and using ArchiCAD.

Click Next to proceed.

Installation Process

You will be given a summary of your installation choices, read them carefully.

Click Install to proceed.


As part of the install process you can create an “ArchiCAD 23” Desktop shortcut.

On Mac, you can also create a Dock icon.

Click Next to proceed.

Complete Installation

You can download the Offline Help for ArchiCAD 23 by clicking the link.

Otherwise, click Next to proceed.

Complete Installation

Click Finish to complete the installation process.

Restart your Computer

After installing ArchiCAD, you should first restart your computer.

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