BIM Server 18 - Installation | Step-by-Step Guide

BIM Server 18 Installation Instructions

An ArchiCAD client can access only Teamwork projects which are located on a BIM Server of the same version number as the ArchiCAD client. If the ArchiCAD client’s version number is different from the BIM Server version number, communication can take place only after you install a BIM Server of the same version number as the ArchiCAD client.

However, ArchiCAD clients of any version number can access all libraries on the BIM Server.


Install Graphisoft BIM Server

Start installation by clicking Install GRAPHISOFT BIM Server from the start-up menu of the ArchiCAD DVD.

Alternatively, you can download the installer from here Windows Mac OS

Installation Wizard

Mac user / Windows user | Click Next to proceed with the installation.

Mac user / Windows user

Accept License Agreement

Mac user / Windows user | Please read the license agreement carefully. Select I accept and click Next to proceed.

Program / Application Folder

Mac user / Windows user | You will get a warning (red) prompt if the BIM Server folder is not empty.

Mac user / Windows user | Note: You will need to change the program / application folder to a different path (i.e. BIM Server 18) to proceed.

Click Next to proceed.

Install Summary

Mac user / Windows user | Please read the summary and make sure everything is in order. Click Install to proceed.

Mac user / Windows user | Note: BIM Server Manager & BIM Server Module will be installed.

Finish Installation

Mac user / Windows user | If the installation is successful, you will get the Congratulations! prompt. Click Finish to proceed with the BIM Server configuration.

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Configure BIM Server Manager

  • Name: By default, the BIM Server will use the name of your computer. All server pop-ups will identify the BIM Server by this name.
  • Master Administrator password: Create a secure password for the Master Administrator (masteradmin) user. This Master Administrator will always be able to log in to the BIM Server with full access to all hosted data. In case you forget the password, you must reconfigure your BIM Server and enter a new password.
  • Port: Select a free port, or use the “Find an available port” command to automatically find one.
  • Data folder: This is the BIM Server Manager’s data storage folder.

Note: Projects will be stored in a different folder – as defined in the next step.

Mac user / Windows user

Click Next to proceed.

Configure BIM Server Module Configuration

  • Name: Name of the BIM Server Module you are currently installing.
  • Port: Select a free port or use the “Find an available port” command to automatically find one.
  • Project data folder: Enter or Browse the location of the default Project Data Folder. This will be the location of Teamwork Projects on this BIM Server.
  • Library data folder: Enter or Browse the location of the default Library Data Folder. This will be the location of Teamwork Libraries on this BIM Server.

Mac user / Windows user

Click Next to proceed.

Continue the Configuration in a Browser

Your default web browser will open the configuration page. Click Start to proceed.

Log in as Master Administrator

Enter the password for the masteradmin. Click Continue to proceed.

Create the First User

Enter the details for the first user. This user will be the first Server Administrator on the BIM Server. Fill in all the following fields:

  • Login Name
  • Password, Confirm Password
  • Full Name
  • Email

Click Continue to proceed.

Set Up Mail Server

Use these fields to define the mail server which will send account information by email from the BIM Server to the users. The mail server definition can be modified later in the browser-based BIM Server Manager interface.

Note: Using a mail server is optional. However, if you don’t define a mail server here, you won’t be able to send emails (e.g. password reminders) to users from the BIM Server.

Click Continue to proceed.

Complete Configuration

The configuration is complete. You may click either Log out or Continue as Master Administrator.

Note: It is recommended to log out now as the Master Administrator, and then log in as the newly created user. It is not recommended to use the Master Administrator account for everyday tasks.

Activate your BIM Server

At this point, you won't be able to use the BIM Server yet until you activate it. Click Activate to proceed.

Note: The BIM Server does not require a separate license, but it must be activated before its use. This activation is one time only and requires a GRAPHISOFT ID. If you do not have a GRAPHISOFT ID, the Activation process will help you to create one.

Your Graphisoft ID

Click Continue to proceed.

Activate with your Graphisoft ID

Enter your Graphisoft ID & Password, then click Continue to proceed.

Graphisoft ID Information

Upon successful log-in, your account details will be shown. Click Activate to proceed.

Successful Activation

The BIM Server will be activated using your Graphisoft ID & password. Click Start BIM Server to finish the activation.

Start Using your BIM Server

At this point, the BIM Server is now ready to be used.

Note: For detailed information on troubleshooting the BIM Server, check the BIM Server 18 Install Troubleshooting Guide page.

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