Graphisoft - Keyplug Replacement | Step-by-Step Guide

Please note that ArchiCAD 19 does not support Wibu key protection, ArchiCAD 18 is the last version which supports Wibu key protection.

This process must be set up in advance with your distributor. Once you have done so, you can carry out key replacement via the License Manager Tool.

NOTE: If you haven't installed the License Manager Tool yet, you can download from here: Windows Mac OS

You may follow our instructions on how to install the tool here: Graphisoft - License Management | Step-by-Step Guide.

To proceed with your keyplug replacement, follow these steps:

Start Graphisoft License Manager Tool

NOTE: Please make sure to plug both the protection hardware keys (Wibu and CodeMeter) before proceeding to the next step.

Click Continue to proceed.

Select the WibuKey you wish to replace from the Available Protection Key(s) list

The contents will be listed in the Content of Selected Key

Click Continue

Multiple Key Update

The tool will connect to Graphisoft server to confirm the applicable programming of license(s).

Key Replacement Window

Click Start Replacement to proceed.

Key Replacement Processing

You will get an OK once the transfer is successful.

Click Done to proceed.

Replacement Successful

Click OK to proceed.

Keyplug Replacement Complete

The Available Protection Key(s) and Content of Selected Key field will be refreshed.

NOTE: The Wibu Key will no longer be valid.

You may now Close or Quit the tool.

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