Graphisoft - License Management | Step-by-Step Guide

CodeMeter are hardware protection keys for ArchiCAD and other Graphisoft products. A protection key (also known as "keyplug" or "dongle") is necessary to run ArchiCAD in commercial mode.

NOTE: Before uninstalling or installing CodeMeter drivers on computers from or to which CodeMeter licenses were borrowed, it is very important to make sure that all licenses are returned!

To activate your protection key or to upgrade Graphisoft product license(s) on it, follow these steps:

Download the Graphisoft License Management tool Windows Mac OS

Unplug the protection key

NOTE: Please make sure to unplug the protection key before installing the tool.

Install Graphisoft License Management tool

Insert protection key

Start Graphisoft License Management tool

Once the tool opens, click Continue.

Click update

Wait until the license(s) have been detected. Click Update to continue.

NOTE: If you have more than one (1) license plugged in, you may click the "For more detail information, switch to detailed view." button.

The Licenses After Update field shows you which licenses will be on the CodeMeter key after the update is finished.

Key Update

The tool will connect to Graphisoft server to confirm the applicable programming of license(s).

Update Succesful

You will be notified once the update is complete. Click Close to proceed.

Keyplug Update Complete

You may now Close or Quit the tool.

NOTE: The Graphisoft License Management tool will install necessary drivers for the CodeMeter key. You can also download the drivers from the Graphisoft download page .

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