House 15: A BIM-integrated design process

The architects at HCF and Associates in Singapore have used this residential project to implement a BIM-integrated design process. From conception to construction, BIM has not only proven to minimize time and resource consumption, it has also had a positive impact on the architects' thought process and productive mindset.

The site, while being of great value, is relatively small. The size constraint is compounded by restrictive set-backs and height limitations.

The design of House 15 is geometrically derived, featuring three distinct blocks situated around a central atrium. The three blocks reflect the tripartite nature of the program. It responds well to an image of domesticity while retaining in-between spaces for spatial ‘events’ such as spiral stairs, atrium and lift to exist.

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About HCF and Associates

Based in Singapore, HCF and Associates is a boutique architectural consultancy leveraging the efficiency of a specialized team of Architects, Designers and Technologists.

Conceptual and environmental master planning

The numerous large scale commissions from the government have enabled the principal to gain extensive experience in conceptual and environmental master planning. They are multi-use master plans involving residential, industrial and institutional use in areas ranging from 10Ha upwards of varying terrain and topographical conditions.

Architectural design

Active success and participation in architectural design competitions and comprehensive ‘hands on’ implementation work has developed a high discernment in aesthetics and high architectural skill. The commissions of highly crafted works in the form of quality bungalows and retail interiors allow for the parallel development of high sophistication in design and experimentation with materials. The architectural installation works are done as a means of discussing proto-architectural ideas.

Regulatory compliance

The principal has many years of practice and compliance experience. Familiarity with the local authorities as well as extensive work experience on a range of complex projects gives the principal a deep insight into the intent of local building and related legislation, and the ability to navigate the project successfully through legislative compliance.

Project implementation coordination and management

Many years of practice experience ranging from interior turn key projects to multi-million dollar large-scale design and build commissions have also honed the ability of the principal to put together a highly effective design team involving all disciplines.


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