Where to download BIM Objects

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Where to download BIM Objects

Hi BIM Wizards!

With every ArchiCAD version release there are also new Library objects included. But sometimes there are objects that has limited parameters. Given this instances ArchiCAD users often list down their wishlist which often takes time to be incorporated in the next ArchiCAD update or in the whole new version altogether.
I've come across with fellow users that are not technically inclined in modeling custom objects and would really be happy if there are sources we can tap into and just download the objects we want...

I was browsing the web recently and compiled 3D object sources I hope this is also useful to you. Check out this cool website links where you can download free objects. Saves you time and energy.

NBS National Bim Library
3D Warehouse

If you know other websites where we can download free or paid 3D/Bim objects. Please feel free to add in the comments section. Thank you!

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