Vnix Club - 1st User Group YA2015

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Vnix Club - 1st User Group YA2015

March 6, 2015 | Vnix Office Singapore

First of all thank you for attending our 1st User Group as Vnix Club. If you notice our user group is not entirely about just ArchiCAD anymore. We will do our best to provide current and useful information that will help your day-to-day use of BIM.

Just a few things to cover here:

  • Your access to download Vnix Club User Group materials from our Vnixwiki forum is now open until end 31st March 2015.

  • Support Vnix Wiki -
    How is this different from other forums out there? -- Well for primary reason is that this is created for Singapore-based ArchiCAD Users. Second, your needs are unique, that when you urgently need to request for help from us you know we are just a phone call away. Third, you know we exist! You know our faces too. and Fourth, free invites to exclusive User Groups, discounts and promotions for everybody. We hope to grow together facing your bim adventures. With your support we will strive harder to provide better service.
  • As our thank you token, We are giving you access to our Vnix Template v18.3.
    Note: No User Guide provided. We would like to hear your thoughts about it. We will soon release a workshop class for this - looking forward to your participation.

  • Pictures from the User Group can be viewed from our Facebook Fan Page - ArchiCAD Singapore -

  • - Vnix Team