Creating Classifications in SMC

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Creating Classifications in SMC

Creating Classifications in SMC

In order for SMC to check a space or component for a requirement, in many cases, SMC will need to differentiate the spaces and/or components from one another through some property. For example, the function (water closet, corridor, office, etc.) of a space will often determine the requirements for that given space.
The Classification view provides a means to classify spaces and components both automatically and manually. The classifications of spaces and components are useful for checking in rulesets, reporting in Information Takeoff (ITO), or simply visualizing in the 3D view. The following article will introduce you to classification by teaching you how to modify the existing classifications that come with SMC, as well as how to create your own

A model of a medical and dental clinic is used as an example, which consists of an architectural and structural model. These models are available to download Attachment below:

1. Download the two .zip files, but do not unpack them. SMC is able to read IFC files that have been compressed as ZIP files.
2. In SMC, click File > Open Model…, browse to the two zip files, and click Open.
3. The Ensure Model Disciplines dialog will open. Ensure that Clinic_A_optimized and Clinic_S_optimized have their Disciplines set to Architectural and Structural respectively. If you would like, you can also set a Short Name for the files.

4. In the top right of SMC, click the Add View button and select Classification to open the Classification view.

5. In the Classification view, if the Space Usage classification isn’t already opened as part of your role, click the Add Classifications Open button, and browse to the Space Usage.classification file that resides in the Classifications folder of SMC.

6. Notice there are two types of classifications denoted by their icons. Classifications with an IFC Icon are IfcClassifications that are part of the IFC model. Classifications with a Classification Icon are .classification files that were created in SMC and are currently loaded.

7. Expand the Space Usage > Office classification to see the listing of spaces classified as Office, and select the Office classification to isolate those spaces in the 3D view. Notice the spaces classified as Office are colored green. If you find that the grids in the 3D view are excessive, to turn them off, click the Show Footprint Controls button in the menu bar and then click the Show/Hide Grids button in the Footprint Controls.

8. In the Classification view, either right-click the Space Usage classification and select Settings in the pop-up commands, or select the Space Usage classification and click the Classification Settings button in the toolbar.

9.The Classification Settings dialog will open consisting of 4 tabs: Settings, Classification Rules, Unclassified Components, and Classified Components. Click the Settings tab, and the dialog will appear as below:

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