BUDAPEST, October 24, 2017 – The European Committee for Standardization's BIM Working Group is focused on developing a coherent standard for the AEC industry in Europe. The BIM-based standardization will result in increased efficiency as well as huge ecological benefits. Nemetschek Group's GRAPHISOFT, representing Hungary in the CEN Working Group, hosted the session.

BUDAPEST, November 28, 2016 – The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore has recently launched the Code of Practice (CoP) for BIM e-submissions and voluntary submission of architectural plans in native BIM formats, which includes Graphisoft's .pla file format.

Templates are the starting point for a project. The better your template it is, whether because it has a ton of information embedded in it or because it allows you to work quickly in a clean environment, the more time you’ll save on a project.

Template, template and template! We all heard this before and here we are again still talking about BIM templates.
Do you still remember that particular teacher back in your school days who sounded like a broken record always repeating a topic? For example the teacher will mention the topic or a specific keyword twice or thrice just to make sure you really get it, wrote it down and made sure you know what it is all about. Ahh.. yes those are the dedicated teachers definitely.

SUNNYVALE, Calif., and MUNICH, May 4, 2015 – Trimble and the Nemetschek Group, leaders in digital solutions for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) markets, announced today that they have formed a strategic alliance to expand the deployment of Building Information Modeling (BIM) across the entire Design-Build-Operate (DBO) lifecycle of buildings. The alliance will emphasize collaborative approaches to design modeling and 5D construction management through data integration between a variety of the companies' products.

You are invited to our 2nd VNIX Club BIM User Group Y2015 presenting..

  • Jorma Ehrnrooth, (1) How to save time and money in the workflow using Solibri Model Checker and your BIM tool. (2) Case study presentation and (3) reaping the benefits of BIM.

When: May 7 2015 | 4:00 PM onwards
Where: VNIX Office [Showroom] - 221 Henderson Road, Henderson Bldg. #05-16 Singapore 159557.

Singapore, April 09, 2015 – BCA Academy,

BCA Academy of the Built Environment is the education and research arm of Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

BCA Academy is organizing the INTERNATIONAL BIM COMPETITION 2015 Open to all University (Tertiary Level) Students. Registration Period on 6 APR - 17 MAY 2015.

SINGAPORE, Feb 13, 2015 – NUS,
The National University of Singapore’s (NUS) School of Design and Environment has launched a new Centre of Excellence (COE) in the area of Building Information Modeling (BIM), to provide a boost to Singapore’s construction industry. The BIM COE aims to increase productivity by using BIM innovation and practice to transform the way people design, deliver and manage the built environment. GRAPHISOFT will build an add-in to enable the running of NUS’ proprietary software to facilitate construction projects on its ArchiCAD platform.

BUDAPEST, January 26, 2015 – GRAPHISOFT®, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) architectural software developer, is pleased to announce that Urban Strategies, a GRAPHISOFT client based in Toronto, Ontario, has won a number of prestigious awards for work recently completed in Singapore, all designed using ArchiCAD.

KUBUS releases BIMcollab® - The world’s first OpenBIM issue management platform in the cloud

Eindhoven, The Netherlands - December 17, 2014 - KUBUS announces the release of its new ground breaking BCF based issue management system in the cloud: BIMcollab®. It operates across applications; it helps bridging the differences between BIM tools and targets the multidisciplinary cooperation between companies working on construction projects. BIMcollab® is designed to manage issues during design and construction phases where BIM is used.

GRAPHISOFT® ArchiCAD® Now Fully-Integrated with LumenRT 2015

BUDAPEST, November 24, 2014 – GRAPHISOFT®, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) architectural software developer, has announced that it is now fully-integrated with LumenRT 2015 on the PC and Mac platforms. The interface includes full support for the export of ArchiCAD geometry and BIM information along with an integrated LumenRT proxy content library of plants, vehicles and characters. With the ArchiCAD LumenRT Exporter (standard on all versions of LumenRT), ArchiCAD users can instantly transform their models into rich, immersive scenery complete with wind-blown trees, moving vehicles, animated characters, wavy water, clouds and atmospheres.